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2981 Richmond St Phila PA 19134


Most insurances accepted, no HMOs or medicaid

Hours by Appt

Mon: office work and/or special patients, cleaning

Mon and Fri Jess will be in doing administrative duties. She will be picking up phone messages, scheduling, handling insurance issues.

Tue: 1-7

Wed: 1-7

Thurs: 9-2

Sat: off

If we are not available you may leave a message on voicemail.

Please speak clearly, leave full name, phone and reason of call.

Emergencies- Allergic reactions, or difficulty breathing, severe swelling or pain, call 911 must go to hospital.

Others, a phone number is on voicemail, it is for patients with true emergencies, not appointments.

LINKS: coming

Family and GeneralDentistry about age 8 and over.

Cosmetics bleaching,bonding, veneers

Fillings - All types including White bonding fillings

Root Canals -most are done in the office, dr davis uses the latest in rotary style endo. Difficult cases are referred to specialists for your benefit.

Dentures - full, partial, cast, flexible, immediate. Repairs on premises

Implants - We only do the restoration of the implants, which the surgeon must placement. From single teeth to full mouth restoration. Implant bridges to implant retained dentures.

Crown & Bridge - we still do 3- or more unitis, as needed, now implants sometimes are better options

Crowns - Caps, gold, porcelain, or regular porcelain fused to metal

Pedo -Children under 8 if work is needed we will refer. Simple cleanings we will start helping them get started

Questions? Just ask, Dr. Davis offers consultation and second opinions routinely!


About the doctor:

Dr. Davis has been helping people at this location since 1987. Born and raised in Philly, he elected to attend Temple Dental University. After graduation, he worked for a couple of years gaining experience under the supervision of a few good dentists. He settled at this location and has been doing his best ever since.

About the office:

It's just a neighborhood office dedicated to giving the best service, in the best interest of it's patients. Dr. Davis is an honest, hard working doctor, who employs staff right from the neighborhood.

He believes in HYGIENISTS, who have been professionally trained to help patients attain a clean healthy well maintained condition. They teach you how to help yourself.

Special note that due to rising costs and demands of government regulations, insurance companies policies and diminishing reimbursements, and credit cards increasing charges to us, we find we must be proactive in our financial policies.

We will try and get fair reimbursement from the insurance companies for your treatments, however, it is a plan between you and the company, please know your plan, and what your co pays, deductibles and other costs are, balances should be paid in full when due.

As of 2015 use of credit cards have been costing us more and more, we must charge a 2% finance charge in order to keep taking the cards as payment, otherwise make arrangements to pay by check.

Thank you,

Dr. Davis

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