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Flight Training

Learning to fly a drone is a lot easier than airplanes. We can help the transformation.

As General Aviation FAA certified flight instructor for over 10 years I have trained and taught in many aircraft. We bring our philosophy to the drone world to increase safety and awareness, to teach aircraft operations and pilot attitudes.

FAR’s are rules prescribed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) governing all aviation activities in the United States. They are regulatory in nature. The rules are designed to promote safe aviation, protecting pilots, flight attendants, passengers and the general public from unnecessary risk.

Certification of pilots is spelled out in FAR Pt 61, their operations in Pt 91, and now the feds have FAR Pt 107 for drone pilots, or sUAV, small unmanned aerial vehicles.

As a licensed commercial flight instructor and drone pilot I am training drone operators for hobby or business ops.

I have over 30 years in photography and videography, have made numerous aerial youtube videos, experience in editing and productions.

Below is just a sample of an older youtube video.