Drone Photography & Video

I have been bought out! The new company has a lot of talent, and believed a merger of our companies would benefit us both. This site will come down when the other site is up. Look for : www.influentialdrones.com

The craze has been hot, everyone is jumping on the band wagon.

The ability to combine camera's and flying machines has created a hot bed of business opportunities. Now realetors, contractors, surveyors, hobbyists, and you tubers are all wondering what they can do with this new fad.

I've been in professional photography, video's, 3D animation for the past 30 years.

I've been flying airplanes for the past 20 years and found the combination works very well.

Now with a drone I can capture what was off limits before. I can get up close and personal, I can show you what ever you want or need to see, and it's a lot cheaper than a plane ride!

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