John Grossman: walked into the J.S. Lee Tae Kwon do school when he was 10 year old.  And within a few years it was his home away from home and a second family to him.  He loved the camaraderie of the older students and the training as a whole.  As many of the older students would attest he would sometimes ‘train instead of going to school during the day; telling Mr. Lee it was a school holiday that he must never have heard of. 

Two classes a night and often tournaments on the weekends was how John developed as a martial artist.  By age 15 he was winning major competitions, but then so were many of the Black Belts at Mr. Lee’s school.  At 18 John went off to Collage in New York, but he kept training and competing.  After graduation work took him overseas Italy, England, Germany with the occasional stop back in the US.  Through all of this John kept training and when he returned to the US he took a part time job teaching Kick Boxing at one of New York City’s top health clubs.  It was there that he meet his wife Carmen.    He also meet and began training movie actor Dolph Lundgen who John worked with on several of his feature films.  John also began to work with other actors as a personal trainer and fight consultant and coordinator. 

John eventually decided to stay put in New York and started his own production company NYPS.  Where he is producing television commercials and documentaries.  He tries to keep in touch with all of his ‘Brothers’ from J S Lee’s and looks forward to the next reunion.