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So guys, here's the million dollar question.
Using your 430/530W shoot an approach,  MAP the machine goes into "suspend" mode, you have to go missed,
1. What declares the missed? What altitude, what point or time?

The missed approach point is different for each approach. Take a precision approach, it has a DH, cause you follow a precise glideslope to a certain altitude MSL, at that altitude you either have runway in sight or go missed. Precision approaches such as the ILS has an altitude, but if your glideslope fails, then you should have been timing, and that missed approach point becomes the time from the FAF, based on your ground speed. The MDA is only an altitude that you are assured obstacle clearance, if on localizer only, full scale deflection and your on your own.

So now i add a whammy, what RNAV approaches are precision and non precision?

2. At what point on each of these approaches do you hit 'OBS' to unsuspend and fly the missed approach:

In your GPS database there is a fix after the MAP, you have 3 choices at this point, but to keep it simple, if your missed instructions say fly RH, straight and climb to a certain altitude, before turn on course, then you must wait till reaching that altitude before unsuspending, and once you hit unsuspend, then from that point your GPS will draw that magenta line to the next waypoint. The other choice is 'upon the MAP start climbing turn towards the waypoint, then at the MAP you would unspend. What is the third?

3. Can you fly this approach at 130 KIAS (maybe ur in that TBM850 u wanted, or the aerostar)
KVAY: RNAV 26 and VOR 26

No, you must stay within the category A or B, which is up to 90, or 90-120 kts, but wait, what if there is a 20kt headwind? Then you can, cause category is based on ground speed.

KACY: RNAV 13 Y,,,hey why a Y and Z?

The RNAV approaches were initially labeled 'Y', and had the typical 'T' configuration. However, they were found to be, eh, incorrect, why? So they had to remake them, into the 'Y' config, and called the new approach 'Z'.

So how do you know which approach is the newer approach?

Flying the GPS, into a ILS approach, when would you switch to VLOC, and when would you switch back?

Say you are flying KMIV, ILS 10 VCN transition, and you are 20 NE of VCN, whould you switch here? It still gives you guidance via the VOR, so why not? Eh, accuracy of the signal, your WAAS GPS is better right? So why not just fly it all the way to the runway?

Since you are flying an ILS 10, then prior to hitting the localizer you must switch, otherwise you will not be on course, you will not be using the correct signal that the plate in front of you is showing, almost like you have the wrong freq in, right? So, then flying to LADIE, how are you going to ID LADIE? Nav 1 on the ILS signal, and Nav 2 by the Vor radial you are on, so Nav 2 is from 115.2, and about 2-3 miles from LADIE, you must switch to VLOC and put the ILS freq in Nav 1, right? No longer using your GPS, until the MAP!

I may not be correct in all, but i'm game for at

should I post what everone says? Like a forum? Let me know,,,eh,,more to come maybe..






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