363 West Browning Rd. Bellmawr, NJ

Updated: 9/14/17

Dance Schedule:


10/1 & 15th


Vlada Martinek will be teaching lessons from 2:30 to 3:15 please arrive early and be ready if you wish to take this lesson. Vlada will be teaching International Dance.

And for a limited time, Vlada will be staying after the lesson to dance with the ladies....don't miss it. We will have mixers now to allow all the ladies to dance with Vlad and others!

Vlada will be staying to teach and dance an extra 45 minutes with everyone!

We've had a few other instructors that have taught classes too, and we've had wonderful feedback. Thank you.


Dance: lesson 2:30 till 3:15! Then open dance till 5:30

Only $8/person for a limited time!!!!


Links: for info..

Stardust Ballroom

Vlada Martinek

Guide to Dances: here you will find demo's of all the dances, including bronze, silver, gold moves.

If you come across any youtube video's that you think would be good for others to see, please email me the link.


Business Card Section: this section is free advertisement for anyone that would like to post any kind of business card, or other type of card, either email or give to steve, this page will be built shortly.





Our next dance is Sept 20th...

Lesson starts 2:30-3:15

Open dance till 5:30

Vlada will be teacing International Tango!

New DJ, modern music..with still some of the old ballroom greats!

This is a new dance, with new music, NC2S, Bachata, WCS, mixers, dance hosts and more.

We will be opening the doors, open to the public, 1st and 3rd sunday each month, a social for all people.

Also note in April the price for entrance will go to $8.


Our Dance is open to all, singles, and couples! There are no memberships, just come and enjoy yourself. Fee is $8 at the door for all.

Our dances are the first and third sunday of each month, please check the schedule or call. We meet at the Stardust Ballroom in Bellmawr NJ at 2:30 for a 45 min lesson, then open dance till 5:30.

We have a large open floor, available to all who wish to dance, beginners welcome.

This is a great time for practice, or just reaquaint with some old friends.

The old club that was here will still be supported on this website,

the pictures and parties will not be removed. We hope to start making new memories of our own.

Click here to see the pics from 2011 Christmas party.

Click here to see the pics from the Past.

For more dance information contact http://phillyneighbors.com/Stardust/index.html



Steve Davis: StevenMDavis@comcast.net

If you have any announcements, or pictures, or anything you wish posted, contact steve: StevenMDavis@comcast.net





Below is the group 2007...


Charlie & Jackie Dance at ShagAtlanta 2013.
This couple had 30 years of dancing together and won many competitions…Age is nothing if you feel young in your soul..

Read more at http://mostexcitingworld.com/30-years-dancing-shag-dancers/#RfpMzORHtCTpfFd0.99